H2H Euthanizer

H2H Euthanizer

H2H Euthanizer: quick, stress-free euthanasia of poultry with electricity

Farmers with poultry barns are in great need of a method to euthanize irrecoverably sick, paralyzed or crippled poultry quickly, effectively and in a manner that is completely painless and stress-free for the animals. The H2H Euthanizer meets all these conditions and has been scientifically tested. H2H stands for ‘head to heart’ and concisely conveys the unique principle behind this device: stress-free euthanasia with electricity. 


The benefits at a glance:

        • The animal remains calm in the cone
        • The animal shows no signs of stress
        • Verifiable and effective euthanasia
        • No return of respiration
        • Effective euthanasia directly from head to heart
        • Operates at 230 V and a frequency of 50 Hz
        • Portable device, suitable for use anywhere
        • Rechargeable battery
        • Safe and easy for use by one person
        • Functions in accordance with EC Regulation 1099/2009


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